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#122: The 2016 Upgradies

January 2nd, 2017 · 125 minutes

Once again, Myke and Jason pick their favorite products of the year! But this year, they are aided in their pursuit of excellent by the votes of you, the loyal Upgradians.

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Upgrade Winner Fancy

Nominees for Best overall iOS App:
Nominees for Best Newcomer iOS App:
Nominees for Best overall Mac App:
Nominees for Best Newcomer Mac App:
Nominees for Best Game of the year:
Nominees for Best iOS Game of the year:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Movie:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Myke at the Movies:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Book:

The Six Colors Book of the Year List

Nominees for Favo(u)rite Apple-related Gadget:
Nominees for Best Non-Apple Gadget of the Year:
Nominees for Worst Gadget/Most Disappointing Tech:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Tech Story:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Tech Screw Up:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Tech Podcast:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Non-Tech Podcast:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Podcast Newcomer:
Nominees for Most Life-Changing Hardware: