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Relay FM is a community for podcasters, listeners and follow-uppers to share their common interests and passions. With a Relay FM membership, you can directly support the hosts of your favorite podcasts, and gain access to a ton of cool perks, including the Relay FM Members Discord server and bonus content just for members.

When you become a Relay FM member, you’ll get access to exciting bonus content while directly supporting your favorite hosts. Your support helps us to keep making the shows you love. If you want to support all of our shows, the "Relay FM Crossover" plan is for you, or you can support any number of podcasts directly to get show-specific content and Crossover content:

Members-only Versions of Select Podcasts:

Some Relay FM podcasts produce special versions of their episodes that are available specifically for members supporting their show directly. Currently, these include Connected, Cortex and Upgrade, but more will be added over time.

Perks for all Relay FM Members:

Members of any podcast-specific plan will also receive all of the following perks which are included in the Relay FM Crossover plan.

The Relay FM Members Discord

The community of Relay FM listeners is a vibrant, supportive, and creative group. We all share similar interests and passions, and we view the Discord server as a way to encourage that connection. The Discord is also home to the live stream when shows record live, as well as a chat room during the stream.

Relay FM Discord

It is moderated by a fantastic group of volunteers to create a safe and welcoming space for members.

Monthly Members-Only Podcasts

Backstage and Fusion are our two members-only podcasts. The first features a look behind the scenes of Relay FM, as well as Myke and Stephen sharing their knowledge and expertise on how to start a podcast of your own. Fusion is a crossover show that features Stephen talking to two different Relay FM hosts each month about a current event or topic in the world of tech.

Annual Specials

Every fall, Relay FM shows produce special bonus episodes just for members. These shows feature all sorts of wacky things, including the annual Upgrade/Cortex text adventure:


Members can download mobile and desktop versions of wallpapers derived from Relay FM show art:

Example wallpapers

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