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  • Access to the Relay FM Members Discord
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  • Relay FM wallpaper packs
  • Access to the “Crossover” podcast feed that includes Annual Specials and episodes of our members-only shows, Backstage and Spotlight

All Relay FM members enjoy these benefits, regardless of their membership plan.

Members-only Versions of Select Podcasts:

Relay FM podcasts produce special versions of their episodes that are available specifically for members supporting their show directly. These episodes are ad-free and include member-only content. These membership plans come with all of the perks listed above as well! Select a show to sign up:

Support Any Show Directly:

Not all Relay FM shows offer ad-free episodes or bonus content for members, but you can still sign up to directly support the work of those hosts as well! These membership plans come with all of the perks listed above: the Discord, the newsletter, wallpapers and access to the Crossover feed. Select a show to sign up:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I want members-only content from more than one podcast?

All podcast-specific plans are offered as à la carte options. For example, if you want to listen to both Connected Pro and Upgrade+, you'll need to have a subscription to both.

How do I change between membership plans?

If you sign up for the new subscription from our website, you can then log into Memberful and turn off auto-renew on your old plan.

How do I log into Memberful and Discord?

All links related to your membership can be found in the sidebar of this page.

When did specific shows start offering members-only content?

  • Automators: Episode 97
  • Clockwise: Episode 359
  • Conduit: Episode 41
  • Connected: Episode 298
  • Cortex: Episode 103 (All Moretex episodes are ad-free and remastered.)
  • Downstream: Episode 45
  • Focused: Episode 111
  • Mac Power Users: Episode 543
  • Material: Episode 400
  • Reconcilable Differences: Episode 134
  • Rocket: Episode 400
  • Upgrade: Episode 301

  • Privacy Policy:

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