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#129: WWDC 2023 Wishes

June 3, 2023 · 77 minutes

Hosted by David Sparks and Rosemary Orchard.

David and Rosemary go through their 2023 WWDC wish list and ideas! From Maps and CarPlay to HomeKit and beyond, nothing escapes their focus (modes).

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#414: Belief in a Higher Weirdo

June 1, 2023 · 67 minutes

Hosted by Andy Ihnatko and Florence Ion.

Andy has access to the new AI-enhanced Google Search and is delighted to discover that he can now waste time on Reddit far more effectively. He also has access to a new web browser that’s so innovative that he’s compelled to give Chrome a lecture.

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Christina is back from Microsoft Build, with her take on all the tools that were announced during the event! Then, a panel of AI researchers has issued a statement. And finally, Elizabeth Holmes has reported to prison and a debt is fulfilled.

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#50: Friendship HIPAA

June 1, 2023 · 77 minutes

Hosted by Kathy Campbell and Jay Miller.

Jay is on location for a secret project so Kathy pulls in her other favorite cohost: Alex Cox! They both go deep into mental health in the workplace and how it affects everything.

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WWDC23 is just a few days away, so Myke, Federico and Stephen have made their predictions for what Apple will — and won't — announce.

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