From development and design to marketing and support, Under the Radar is all about independent app development. It's rarely longer than 30 minutes.



Latest Episodes

#7: Building New Features

December 18th, 2015 · 27 minutes

How we design, build, and ship new features in our apps.

#6: How to Become a Programmer

December 11th, 2015 · 28 minutes

Our origin stories and tips for beginners to get started.

#5: Managing Feedback

December 5th, 2015 · 25 minutes

Considering feedback and feature requests from beta testers and customers.

#4: Unexpected Complexity

November 25th, 2015 · 28 minutes

Handling unexpected complexities, and deciding whether to tackle complex problems.

#3: Ergonomics

November 18th, 2015 · 28 minutes

Ensuring your work setup is as comfortable as possible for long-term use and reducing the risks of developing RSI.

#2: Time for Swift

November 10th, 2015 · 28 minutes

Why we haven't adopted Swift yet, when we might, and whether we should expand into additional platforms instead.

#1: Adapting to the Market

November 4th, 2015 · 27 minutes

How independent iOS app developers can find ways to thrive in a highly competitive, commoditized App Store.