Clockwise is a rapid-fire discussion of current technology issues hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent and featuring two special guests each week. Four people, four topics--and because we're always watching the clock, no episode is longer than 30 minutes.



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Latest Episodes

#363: No Guinea Pig Applications

September 9th, 2020 · 29 minutes

Apple event hopes, finding joy, our NFC uses, and how virtual conferences have changed things for the better.

#362: My Default Mode Is Skepticism

September 2nd, 2020 · 27 minutes

What's your online fact-finding process? Is the pandemic causing our social skills to atrophy? What Apple rumors have you most — and least — excited? If you could use a high-performance virtual workstation offsite, would you? Shelly Brisbin and Joseph Rosensteel join us to answer these questions and more!

#361: Fires, Earthquakes, and Plague Zombies

August 26th, 2020 · 29 minutes

Our recent tech-related pandemic purchases, videoconferencing likes and wishes, coolest dream tech, and emergency preparedness packs.

#360: Your Laughter Is a Spoiler

August 19th, 2020 · 29 minutes

Are you a tech hypocrite? What's a social media feature you want on other social networks? Do you listen to the radio? What do you think of Dropbox's new features? Kathy Campbell, Dan Sturm, and Jason Snell join Mikah Sargent to answer these questions!

#359: Confused and Full of Starch

August 12th, 2020 · 29 minutes

Microsoft and Apple argue about cloud gaming, the iOS apps we want to run on our Macs, the future—or lack thereof—of foldable phones, and whether we'd trade our Face ID in for Touch ID.

#358: What's It Called? The Yellow One

August 5th, 2020 · 29 minutes

Can Instagram Reels take on TikTok? What are our favorite low-tech pastimes? What do we think of Disney's Mulan release? What promised future tech did we think we'd have by now? Aleen Simms and Jeremy Burge join us to answer these questions!

#357: Not Yet and Also Never

July 29th, 2020 · 28 minutes

Streaming services' Watch Together features, how concerned we are about Big Tech personally, what we buy from online ads, and the riskiest tech in our homes, privacy wise.

#356: A Solid “Sometimes”

July 23rd, 2020 · 25 minutes

Watching video podcasts, our favorite health-related apps, unnecessarily complicated tech processes, and cheap tech gear that ended up being fun to use.

#355: Let's Kill Quibi!

July 15th, 2020 · 29 minutes

The era of peak streaming services, Apple's blindspots, our work device setups, and the iPhone tips that surprise and delight people.

#354: I Needed to Flee Reality

July 8th, 2020 · 26 minutes

How staying home has impacted our use of social media, the tech we've ordered since the start of the pandemic, the subscription service we'd recommend to others, and low-tech solutions to high tech problems.