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#8: Like Me in High School

June 15th, 2017 · 62 minutes

It's E3 week! Microsoft unveiled its 4K console (we're calling it 'Xb1x')while Nintendo stocked up on Switch games and Sony promised a bunch of new stuff for the PS4.

Guest Starring: Brianna Wu, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, and Cicero Holmes

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Links and Show Notes

Xbox One X is the final name of Project Scorpio - Polygon

Microsoft's 4K console will be released on November 7 worldwide and carries a $499 price tag.

The Xbox One will be backwards-compatible with original Xbox discs - The Verge

Microsoft is reaching back to the original Xbox with an updated backwards compatibly program.

Microsoft Won't Make a Profit Selling Xbox One X - Thurrott.com

Microsoft has never made a profit selling Xbox consoles. And it looks like the Xbox One X won’t be an exception to that rule.

At least five new games will hit Xbox’s Game Pass every month - Polygon

The Xbox Game Pass — which gives gamers access to a steady flow of games through a monthly subscription — will deliver at least five new games a month, according to the company.

Super Mario Odyssey comes to Switch this October - Polygon

The new sandbox game raises many questions about Nintendo and whatever is going on with Mario's new hat.

Apple makes major podcast updates - Six Colors

New extensions to Apple’s podcast feed specification will allow podcasts to define individual seasons and explain whether an episode is a teaser, a full episode, or bonus content.

Everything You May Have Missed In the Spider-Man E3 2017 Trailer - IGN

The gameplay trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 is packed with comic book references and lots of new web-slinging moves.

Detroit: Become Human’s new trailer is about the android revolution - Polygon

A trailer for Detroit: Become Human premiered during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference. The narrative-driven adventure game is the latest from David Cage’s studio Quantic Dream, known best for similar titles Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

ANTHEM Official E3 Gameplay Trailer - YouTube
Crackdown 3 is like the original, but layered with big, fun, chaotic ideas - The Verge

Crackdown 3 — an open-world crimefighting game in which you can leap over small apartment buildings in a single bound — isn’t the most graphically gobsmacking game on the Xbox One, nor is it the most technically refined.

Devolver Digital’s press conference was the best part of E3 that almost no one watched - Polygon

No spoilers!

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