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#69: The 2015 Upgradies

December 28th, 2015 · 86 minutes

With a little help from their Relay FM co-hosts, Myke and Jason present awards to the best (and worst) of the year in the second annual Upgradies.

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Links and Show Notes

Nominees for Best iOS App:
Nominees for Best Newcomer iOS App:
Nominees for Best Mac App:
Nominees for Best Newcomer Mac App:
Nominees for Best Game:
Nominees for Best iOS Game:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Movie:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Myke at the Movies:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Book:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Gadget:
Nominees for Best Non-Apple Gadget of the Year:
Nominees for Worst Gadget/Most Disappointing Tech:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Tech Story
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Tech Screw Up:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Non-Tech Podcast:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Tech Podcast:
Nominees for Favo(u)rite Podcast Newcomer:
Nominees for Best Holiday Gift:
Nominees for Most Life-Changing Hardware:

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Liftoff #5: The Martian - Relay FM
Tickle - Visual Programming of Robots, Drones, Arduino, and Scratch Games on the App Store
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