Countdown to excitement! Every week Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort have accelerated geek conversation. Tech, comics, movies, games and books, no galaxy is off limits!



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#148: Meth Is Not Cruelty-Free

November 9th, 2017 · 73 minutes

Christina Warren's impressions of the iPhone X meets Brianna Wu's struggles trying to order one. Then we discuss Twitter's fresh 280 characters and Steven Soderbergh's Mosaic.

#147: The First Big iPhone X Episode

November 2nd, 2017 · 79 minutes

Brianna, Christina, and Simone have a BIG OL' IPHONE X HOUR. Then, a brief digestif in the form of Aibo!

#146: Get A Load of THESE Amazing Stories

October 26th, 2017 · 65 minutes

Christina, Brianna, and Simone discuss the state of Apple's television programming, Amazon Key, and this week's BIGGEST TECH FAILURES.

#145: Baby's Got Back, As They Say

October 19th, 2017 · 62 minutes

Brianna, Christina, and Simone talk about the KRACK epidemic, and two solid products: the Pixel 2, and the Surface Book 2.

#144: Go Oculus Go

October 13th, 2017 · 62 minutes

Brianna, Christina, and Simone discuss hacking the crap out of your SNES Classic, and the new untethered headsets from Oculus. Then we take a turn to discuss Harvey Weinstein.

#143: Grievances

October 5th, 2017 · 76 minutes

Christina returns to be shamed for not going to Disney jail. Then your hosts start out glad with the SNES Classic, and end up mad talking about Equifax. In the middle, they find some time for Google.

#142: SimoneJACK

September 28th, 2017 · 57 minutes

Julia Alexander joins Brianna and Simone to talk about … Tom Cruise's butt, what is up with all the clowns, and whether Twitter can ban Trump. Seriously.

#141: Disney Prison

September 21st, 2017 · 64 minutes

Christina, Brianna, and Simone have a few words for the iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 problems, as well as the cool stuff available for ARKit.

#140: The Revolutionary iPhone

September 14th, 2017 · 79 minutes

Brianna, Christina and Simone pore over every detail from Apple's Sept. 12 keynote. RIP ROSE GOLD.

#139: Almost as Good as Simone

September 9th, 2017 · 61 minutes

Brianna and Christina are joined again by Jessica Dennis (@jessicadennis) to discuss the latest tech news is the week, including the Galaxy Note 8 Reviews, Google’s monopoly status, and the tech industry's response to the Trump’s DACA decision.