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#166: Smart Home Future

March 15th, 2018 · 62 minutes

Simone, Brianna, and Christina talk about The Information's deep dive into Siri's troubled development, three exciting stories of FRAUD, The Bachelor's tragic season finale, and whether or not Simone should get a Fitbit on a whim.

#165: Steven Spielberg Hasn't Made A Bad Movie Since Hook - Fight Me

March 9th, 2018 · 57 minutes

Simone, Brianna, and Christina are reunited for a MYSTERY TOPIC, discussion of Microsoft's LTE Surface and Vulkan 1.1, and the upcoming Spielberg joint Ready Player One.

#164: Just The Two Of Us

March 1st, 2018 · 66 minutes

Brianna and Simone are FLYING DUO tonight and talking about Microsoft's Supreme Court Case, the ESRB's addition of in-game purchase warnings to game labels, Discord's purge of white nationalist servers, and the awesomeness of Black Panther.

#163: Reviewpalooza

February 22nd, 2018 · 64 minutes

Simone, Brianna, and Christina take a break from news to discuss their favorite toys: the Peloton bike, the HomePod, the iPhone 8, the third-gen MacBook, and the Apple Watch Series 3.

#162: The Internet Was A Mistake

February 15th, 2018 · 62 minutes

Brianna, Christina, and Simone are reunited to discuss Wired's cover story about Facebook, the upcoming (ongoing?) Infocalypse, and Quinn Norton's short life at the New York Times.

#161: Wow, Remember That?

February 9th, 2018 · 54 minutes

Brianna, Simone, and Christina are ... not here! But they've curated a trip down memory lane for you, of some of their favorite Rocket memories. Join us to talk about the SNES Classic and, of course, sexy, sexy Pokemon.

#160: Flamethrowers and Teens

February 1st, 2018 · 73 minutes

Brianna and Christina are joined by The Daily Beast’s Taylor Lorenz to talk flame throwers, YouTube drama, buying Twitter followers, and bad award optics.

#159: Christina Loves To Buy

January 25th, 2018 · 69 minutes

Brianna, Christina, and Simone yell about the HomePod and the hell that is the Apple Store. Then they discuss the mysterious organization behind so much malvertising, and Cindy Gallop's Make Love Not Porn achieving $2 million in funding.

#158: Even MORE Warrantless Wiretapping

January 18th, 2018 · 77 minutes

This week Christina returns from her terrible accident, and we discuss YouTube's creator problem, Nintendo's incredible new Labo, and the FISA vote.

#157: Joe Kodak

January 11th, 2018 · 65 minutes

Allison Esposito joins Brianna and Simone to discuss stripper robots, the worst products from CES, Kodak's new cryptocurrency, and the new Overwatch League's lack of women.