David Sparks and Mike Schmitz are not nearly as productive as they’d like to be. Join these fellow travelers (and a bunch of special guests) as they share the best ways to get focused, and talk through their successes and failures along the way.



Latest Episodes

#148: Savoring the Moment, with Chris Bailey

March 29th, 2022 · 89 minutes

Chris Bailey is back to talk about his dopamine fast, the art of savoring, and avoiding the productivity racket.

#147: Task Management & Focus

March 15th, 2022 · 86 minutes

David & Mike revisit the topic of task management to talk about Mike's Obsidian task management experiment and their (very different) use of checklists.

#146: The Extended Mind, with Annie Murphy Paul

March 1st, 2022 · 61 minutes

Author Annie Murphy Paul joins us to talk about playing with ideas, working in groups, and other ways to extend the mind.

#145: Focus & Your Environment

February 15th, 2022 · 81 minutes

David & Mike consider how the environment affects our ability to focus and share the very different ways they set up their workspaces.

#144: Enough, with Patrick Rhone

February 1st, 2022 · 86 minutes

Patrick Rhone joins us to talk about analog productivity, knolling, mise en place, and staying focused while wearing many hats.

#143: Thinking Annually

January 18th, 2022 · 90 minutes

David and Mike share some thoughts about what they’re up to in the new year and the personal changes they’re making to their routines.

#142: Sparky Gets Focused

January 4th, 2022 · 72 minutes

Sparky finally put his money where his mouth is and he's doing just one thing now. In this episode, Mike has questions and David has answers.

#141: You Never Arrive

December 22nd, 2021 · 76 minutes

David & Mike discuss the arrival fallacy and the importance of finding joy in the journey.

#140: Your Brain is Not a Computer with Cory Hixson

December 7th, 2021 · 79 minutes

Engineering professor Cory Hixson joins the Focused crew this week about staying on target, not letting your kids eat take your brain, and why you are not a computer.

#139: Soundtracks & Self-Talk

November 23rd, 2021 · 69 minutes

David & Mike consider the source of negative self-talk, the power of positive thinking, and taming the rebellious brain.