So many podcasts are about our digital devices. Analog(ue) is a show about how these devices make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse.



Latest Episodes

#37: The Times are Changing

April 26th, 2015 · 73 minutes

This week Casey and Myke talk about notification management and online dating.

#36: Procrastworkination

April 19th, 2015 · 76 minutes

This time Myke and Casey talk about being notified on the Apple Watch, how it can maybe help us communicate with the important people in our lives, and Casey reveals his purchasing decisions.

#35: Human Blue Screen of Death

April 12th, 2015 · 59 minutes

This week Myke tells Casey why it's a problem that he doesn't speak Romanian and why he wants to win an award.

#34: Worth the Weirdness

April 5th, 2015 · 67 minutes

This week, with Myke on the road, Stephen Hackett steps in to talk to Casey about meeting their wives, writing about what they care about and not being able to throw away things.

#33: Someone Who Might Know Something

March 29th, 2015 · 85 minutes

This week Casey quizzes Myke about what it's like to attend meetups, Myke quizzes Casey about checking website statistics, and Myke gets something off his chest.

#32: Someone Like You, but American

March 22nd, 2015 · 74 minutes

This time, Casey and Myke discuss role models, justifying purchases and whether it's annoying to show everyone just how good friends they are.

#31: Wearing Your Totem On Your Arm

March 15th, 2015 · 53 minutes

This week Casey and Myke talk more about procrastination and being pushed in new directions, before discussing what it's like to not want a new gadget.

#30: I Didn't Know the "U" Existed

March 8th, 2015 · 56 minutes

This time Myke and Casey talk about the fun and pain in working from home and share some of the favourite beverages.

#29: Not a Fan of the Squeezing

March 1st, 2015 · 68 minutes

This week Myke and Casey revisit how Inquisitive is going, before moving on to discuss public speaking and self deprecation. Then in a special surprise, they explore the cheese vertical.

#28: So Darn Good

February 22nd, 2015 · 72 minutes

This week Myke shares a little behind the scenes about 'Inquisitive: Behind the App', Casey talks a little about some recent parenting experiences, and they are unexpectedly joined by some extra special guests!