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#86: The 2019 CES Draft

January 10th, 2019 · 62 minutes

Everything's better when it's a draft--even CES. This week we're picking the top stories from the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, as well as the products that are least likely to ever ship and our least favorite stories of the week.

Guest Starring: Florence Ion and Mikah Sargent

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Links and Show Notes

Every new HomeKit-enabled device announced at CES | iMore
Google Assistant Connect makes adding Assistant easier - 9to5Google
LG’s groundbreaking roll-up TV is going on sale this year - The Verge
CES AirPlay, HomeKit, and Accessory Roundup, Part 1 – MacStories
A woman pumped breast milk on the CES show floor. So what?
Impossible Burger 2.0 Taste Test: Shockingly Good
Intel demonstrates 10nm Ice Lake processor, promises PCs will ship with it later this year - The Verge
Bose invented a noise-canceling system for your car - The Verge
There Are Not One, But Three Companies That Will Paint Your Cat on Your Fingernail
iMore on Instagram: “The ARTPRO NAIL from O'2 Nails is an inkjet printer FOR YOUR FINGERNAILS! 💅🏽💅🏽 #nailart #ces2017”
CES 2019: Robotic suitcases back (and ... maybe better?) at this year's show | ZDNet
The Craziest Cars and Futuristic Vehicles of CES 2019 - PCMag
Bell’s hybrid-electric flying car will be available via Uber by the ‘mid-2020s’ - The Verge
This machine will fold your laundry for you | TechRadar
Sony's latest project tackles immersive, 3D audio - Android Authority
The smart diaper has entered the building at CES 2019 - CNET
Royal Flush: Hands-On with Kohler’s $8,000 Alexa Toilet
Audi spins out Holoride to put VR in every car | TechCrunch
AT&T's Android phones now lie about having 5G
AT&T gets burned by rivals over its fake 5G network
AT&T wireless CEO on fake 5G complaints: ‘that makes me smile’ - The Verge
CES Gave A Sex Toy An Award, And Then Disqualified It…Because It’s A Sex Toy
CES Rescinds Innovation Award For Vibrator, Calling it "Obscene" | Inverse
Bread-making robot makes everyone at CES 2019 trash their no-carb New Year resolutions - CNET
CES 2019 has LavvieBot litter box: A smart place for cats to poop - CNET
Lovot is the first robot I can see myself getting attached to - The Verge
Mikah Sargent ☃️ (@mikahsargent) | Twitter
Florence "U4EA" Ion (@Ohthatflo) | Twitter