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#18: A Bit of Déjà Vu

August 24th, 2017 · 56 minutes

Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 8, Apple reportedly slows down its car project, and Jason and Stephen are still thinking about this week's total solar eclipse.

Guest Starring: Florence Ion, Stephen Hackett, and Carolina Milanesi

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Links and Show Notes

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 - The Verge

The Galaxy Note 8 is here, and Samsung is hopeful that consumers who appreciate the Note’s features and its signature stylus will be willing to give the brand another chance after months of hearing warnings aboard airplanes and other public transit about the dangers and potential for destruction posed by the recalled smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Impressions - MKBD on YouTube

Galaxy Note 8 has arrived. Looking a lot like a Galaxy S8 with dual cameras and a stylus... which is not a bad thing at all.

Apple Scales Back Its Ambitions for a Self-Driving Car - The New York Times

The company has put off any notion of an Apple-branded autonomous vehicle and is instead working on the underlying technology that allows a car to drive itself.

Tim Cook Says Apple Focused on Autonomous Systems in Cars Push - Bloomberg

"We’re focusing on autonomous systems,” Cook said in an interview on Bloomberg Television that amounted to his most detailed comments yet on Apple’s automotive plans.

Elon Musk reveals first official photo of SpaceX space suit - The Verge

Elon Musk has posted the official first photo of his SpaceX space suit on Instagram, teasing that more details will come in a few days. Musk says the suit actually works, and was tested to double vacuum pressure.

Eclipse and Transit Images - NASA

Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!

In the moon's shadow - Six Colors

Jason's eclipse story.

Liftoff #54: Live from the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse - Relay FM

Stephen and Jason's podcast, recorded during and after the solar eclipse.

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