Guest Appearances

Clockwise #332: One Hip Lies February 5th, 2020

Clockwise #322: I'm More Surprised That I Was Surprised November 27th, 2019

Download #106: I Think It's Us June 13th, 2019

Download #101: Painting Something Pink April 25th, 2019

Download #95: "Game of Thrones" With Slide Rules March 14th, 2019

Download #87: A Game of Media Chicken January 17th, 2019

Download #85: Top Stories of 2018 January 1st, 2019

Download #78: Great for Robots; Bad for People November 1st, 2018

Download #73: The Crocodile Is Changing Its Diet September 27th, 2018

Download #70: Tennis and Excess September 6th, 2018

Download #62: Get My Gecko Out of Hiding July 12th, 2018

Download #60: Evil Spreadsheets June 21st, 2018

Download #50: I Ran Out of Metaphor April 12th, 2018

Download #47: Put the Toothpaste Back in the Cat March 22nd, 2018

Download #43: Tea Party With Bots February 22nd, 2018

Download #36: Discomfortday January 4th, 2018

Download #28: Five Layers November 2nd, 2017

Download #25: Not *That* Nokia October 12th, 2017

Download #18: A Bit of Déjà Vu August 24th, 2017

Download #11: I'm a Paranoid Optimist July 6th, 2017

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