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#155: Apple Hardware Draft

August 21st, 2017 · 134 minutes

A draft of favorite Apple hardware; Myke at the Movies tackles "Blade Runner - The Final Cut."

Guest Starring: Alex Cox, Stephen Hackett, and John Siracusa

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Draft picks (below here there are spoilers!)
  1. John: SE/30
  2. Stephen: Bondi iMac
  3. Myke: iPod mini
  4. Alex: iPod touch first-gen
  5. Jason: MacBook Air (2nd wave)
  6. John: (Original) Macintosh (128K)
  7. Stephen: Original AirPort Base Station + iBook Toilet Seat
  8. Myke: iPhone 6 Plus #mykewasright
  9. Alex: iPhone 4
  10. Jason: Apple IIe
  11. John: Mac IIfx
  12. Stephen: Titanium PowerBook G4
  13. Myke: iPad Pro 12.9
  14. Alex: Black MacBook
  15. Jason: LaserWriter

Steve Jobs says "Jump!" and Phil Schiller does - YouTube
Versions of Blade Runner - Wikipedia