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#155: Apple Hardware Draft

August 21st, 2017 · 134 minutes

The Upgrade Summer of Fun continues! A special panel of guests convenes to draft our favorite hardware created by Apple. And in an unprecedented installment of Myke at the Movies, John Siracusa joins us to discuss the Final Cut edition of "Blade Runner."

Guest Starring: Alex Cox, Stephen Hackett, and John Siracusa

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Draft picks (below here there are spoilers!)
  1. John: SE/30
  2. Stephen: Bondi iMac
  3. Myke: iPod mini
  4. Alex: iPod touch first-gen
  5. Jason: MacBook Air (2nd wave)
  6. John: (Original) Macintosh (128K)
  7. Stephen: Original AirPort Base Station + iBook Toilet Seat
  8. Myke: iPhone 6 Plus #mykewasright
  9. Alex: iPhone 4
  10. Jason: Apple IIe
  11. John: Mac IIfx
  12. Stephen: Titanium PowerBook G4
  13. Myke: iPad Pro 12.9
  14. Alex: Black MacBook
  15. Jason: LaserWriter

Steve Jobs says "Jump!" and Phil Schiller does - YouTube
Versions of Blade Runner - Wikipedia