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Latest Episodes

#520: Cruel Summer

July 8th, 2024 · 95 minutes

There's more news about Apple's battles with Epic and the EU, and Apple tightens its ties with OpenAI, but all of the controversy gets us thinking about what makes us stay excited about technology during difficult times.

#519: The Intelligent Trinity

July 1st, 2024 · 91 minutes

After some feedback about the future of the Vision Pro, we discuss Apple's adventures in the EU, the inevitable fragmentation of Siri, and a curious new AirPods rumor.

#518: Having Lots of Money Doesn't Make You a Bank

June 24th, 2024 · 120 minutes

Apple backs away from some financial services and changes its Vision hardware approach, and there's a new phase in the company's relationship with the EU. For the Summer of Fun, we look at our current iPhone home screens.

#517: Maybe It's Catchier in Japanese

June 17th, 2024 · 99 minutes

The Summer of Fun has arrived, but we've still got a lot of catch-up work to do after a huge WWDC. So this week we share more thoughts about Apple's new AI strategy and discuss a lot of the feedback we got about what happened last week.

#516: I'm Suppressing My Feelings

June 12th, 2024 · 144 minutes

Live from Cupertino, Jason has his in-person reactions to Apple's big WWDC announcements. And in London, Myke processes his feelings about some controversial Apple choices.

#515: The WWDC Keynote Draft 2024

June 3rd, 2024 · 84 minutes

It's time for our ninth annual competition regarding what will happen at Apple's WWDC keynote! What will be announced? Will it be all AI, all the time? And a new wrinkle is added to the draft format!

#514: European Beard

May 27th, 2024 · 89 minutes

It's time for a Vision Pro check-in. How are we using it, and how should Apple sell it? Also, some EU app marketplace developers just want to go home.

#513: I Do Not Rock Anything

May 20th, 2024 · 106 minutes

Myke returns to the show to give his personal iPad Pro review, and we discuss Apple's accessibility announcements, worrying Apple AI reports, and some mystifying rumors about future iPhones for this year and next.

#512: Pros Are the Little Boats

May 13th, 2024 · 107 minutes

The new iPad Pro is here, and Jason is joined by Federico Viticci to discuss the new model, Jason's review, and the limitations of iPadOS. Stephen Hackett also joins the show not to crush some creative dreams, but to answer your questions.

#511: You’re Nice to Hold

May 7th, 2024 · 117 minutes

Both Jason (New York) and Myke (London) have had their hands on the new iPads and are here to report back with all the details. We discuss M4 surprises, iPad Air choices, iPad Pro use cases, and save a little time to Lawyer Up.