A show about entrepreneurship, product design, and the ups and downs of running a small indie business.



Latest Episodes

#94: I Love the Mind Virus

February 9th, 2023 · 78 minutes

Myke, Tom, and Dan chat about Jony Ive’s design for the new Comic Relief Red Nose, give an update on Mark Three shipping, and discuss some changes happening at Studio Neat.

#93: The Last Detail with Stephan Ango

January 27th, 2023 · 76 minutes

Today’s guest is Stephan Ango, the cofounder of Lumi, and now at Obsidian, software for note taking and thought processing. His object is the Hario V60.

#92: We’ve Hit Our Ceiling

January 12th, 2023 · 61 minutes

Myke, Tom, and Dan chat about their plans for 2023, including some big changes at Studio Neat. After some follow up, a Dan’s Tech Corner about large monitors.

#91: This is Going Great So Far I Think

December 15th, 2022 · 60 minutes

A follow-up centric episode that naturally morphs into a Dan’s Tech Corner.

#90: The Last Detail with Alex Cox

December 9th, 2022 · 66 minutes

Today’s guest is Alex Cox, the host of many beloved podcasts, including Do By Friday, Roboism, and Two-Headed Girl. Their object is the Game Boy Color.

#89: Stretchy and Smudgy

November 17th, 2022 · 67 minutes

Myke, Tom, and Dan discuss the ATP Chicken Hat, Tom’s new venture, The Studio Neat Starter Kit gift box (coming soon!). Then they close the show by visiting their past gift guide recommendations to see if they still hold up.

#88: The Last Detail with Jason Snell

November 3rd, 2022 · 63 minutes

Today’s guest is Jason Snell, the host of several tech podcasts, and the founder of sixcolors.com, an Apple-centric website covering the intersection of technology and culture. His object is the Breville Tea Maker.

#87: We Should Probably Cut This

October 19th, 2022 · 61 minutes

Myke, Tom, and Dan chat about the reception of the new Material Docks, doing custom Mark Ones for other businesses, Mark Three progress, and then close the show with a Dan’s Tech Corner about the staying power of the Dynamic Island.

#86: Merciless Fundraising

September 19th, 2022 · 73 minutes

Myke, Tom, and Dan chat about merciless fundraising and a special edition Mark One for St. Jude, and the new Material Docks from Studio Neat. Then the lads look back on an XOXO talk they gave 10 years ago to see if they would change anything about it.

#85: The Last Detail with Betty Chen

September 6th, 2022 · 68 minutes

Today’s guest is Betty Chen, an architecture project manager, who on the side runs the YouTube channel ARTiculations and cohosts the podcast Pictorial here on the Relay FM network. Her object is the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.