Hosted by Federico Viticci and Fraser Speirs, Canvas is a podcast all about mobile productivity. Armed with iOS, Federico and Fraser will be walking through workflows, exploring the best apps for the iPad and iPhone and helping users solve problems.

#6: Creating and Managing PDFs

March 18th, 2016 · 38 minutes

This week Fraser and Federico talk about generating, managing and annotating PDF files on iOS.

#5: Typing

March 4th, 2016 · 50 minutes

This week Fraser and Federico dig into how to be more efficient with typing and text entry on iOS.

#4: Photo Editing

February 19th, 2016 · 43 minutes

This week Fraser and Federico go in-depth on serious photo editing on iOS.

#3: Photo Management

February 5th, 2016 · 54 minutes

Federico and Fraser go in-depth on modern photo management on iOS devices.

Photo management is traditionally one of the trickier areas to deal with in an iOS-only lifestyle. This week, we focus on the modern era of photo management by looking in-depth at iCloud Photo Library, which can minimise or even eliminate many of the difficulties in hand…

#2: Document Providers

January 22nd, 2016 · 37 minutes

Federico and Fraser go in-depth on the Document Picker and Document Provider system in iOS 9.

#1: Download and Upload Files

January 8th, 2016 · 31 minutes

In this initial episode of Canvas, Federico and Fraser discuss the available tools and techniques for downloading files from the web and uploading files back to websites. This is a task that was difficult-to-impossible on iOS before iOS 9 was released but is now easy.