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Latest Episodes

#94: Legal Nerd-ness with Jeff Richardson

January 28th, 2022 · 83 minutes

This week, Rosemary and David are joined by Jeff Richardson: lawyer by day, automator for life.

#93: Automating MacSparky

January 15th, 2022 · 99 minutes

David's made a few changes and it's time for an Automator-style audit. In this episode Rose and David cover email, task management, calendars, desktop setups, web automation, and more.

#92: If This, Then Dave Hamilton

December 31st, 2021 · 90 minutes

David and Rosemary were joined by Dave Hamilton, the man with many automations - from nap time to making a window stay put, there's plenty of fun ideas to steal.

#91: Focus Modes, the Showdown

December 17th, 2021 · 86 minutes

In this episode, David and Rosemary dive into Focus modes, how they use them, and of course, how they automate them - both setting, and automations when they trigger them.

#90: Holiday Automation 2021

December 3rd, 2021 · 88 minutes

Automating the Holidays has never been easier. Rose and David have a pile of holiday-related automations to make life easier and impress your friends and family.

#89: Kelly Guimont, iPhone Automator

November 19th, 2021 · 86 minutes

In this episode, David and Rosemary are joined by Kelly Guimont and dive into getting started with automation, fun seasonal lighting, and the trouble with tribbles, er HomePod mini multiplication.

#88: Automating with Ryan J A Murphy

November 5th, 2021 · 84 minutes

Ryan J.A. Murphy joins to share automation tips for Obsidian, augmented intelligence, and automated parenting.

#87: Email Rules Automation

October 22nd, 2021 · 99 minutes

Email automation is a thing, but email rules-based automation is another thing entirely.

#86: Micro-Automations

October 8th, 2021 · 96 minutes

Micro Automations! It's those tiny little automations that can make your life easy. We've been building them and today we're sharing them.

#85: iOS 15 Update & Shortcuts on macOS

September 24th, 2021 · 72 minutes

In this episode, David and Rosemary cover the automation changes with iOS 15, and look at Shortcuts on the Mac. There's also an powerless automation conumdrum to solve!