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Latest Episodes

#101: Red Sweaters and AppleScript Fun with Daniel Jalkut

May 6th, 2022 · 102 minutes

In this episode, Rosemary and David are joined by Daniel Jalkut, the man in the red sweater behind FastScripts, MarsEdit, and the Core Intuition podcast. Together they ponder the future of AppleScript, and just how fast is a script anyway?

#100: Celebrating 100 Automations, and More

April 23rd, 2022 · 84 minutes

In this episode of Automators, David and Rosemary look at their favourite automations, most wished for features, and how their automation has evolved in 100 episodes.

#99: Automation April

April 8th, 2022 · 103 minutes

Hooray! It's Automation April and Federico Viticci and John Voorhees join the automators to talk about it, along with some of their favorite automation.

#98: Automation Pot Pourri

March 25th, 2022 · 91 minutes

Rose and David have several automation topics on the table in this episode including Shortcuts on the Mac, a Stream Deck check-in, and automating Obsidian. Also, they have thoughts on the new Mac Studio.

#97: Automating Rosemary Orchard

March 11th, 2022 · 103 minutes

In this episode, David asks all the questions and we get into the nitty gritty details of how Rosemary's workflows and systems are being automated. From Hazel to Home Assistant, with a sprinkling of Airtable, there's variety and magic.

#96: Automating Mikah Sargent

February 25th, 2022 · 92 minutes

Mikah Sargent is using all the automations and joins this week to share some of his favorite Mac, iOS, and home workflows.

#95: Keyboard Maestro Takes It Up to 10

February 11th, 2022 · 98 minutes

There's a new version of Keyboard Maestro with plenty of new automation tools. David and Rose have some great ideas of how to take advantage of the new features.

#94: Legal Nerd-ness with Jeff Richardson

January 28th, 2022 · 83 minutes

This week, Rosemary and David are joined by Jeff Richardson: lawyer by day, automator for life.

#93: Automating MacSparky

January 15th, 2022 · 99 minutes

David's made a few changes and it's time for an Automator-style audit. In this episode Rose and David cover email, task management, calendars, desktop setups, web automation, and more.

#92: If This, Then Dave Hamilton

December 31st, 2021 · 90 minutes

David and Rosemary were joined by Dave Hamilton, the man with many automations - from nap time to making a window stay put, there's plenty of fun ideas to steal.