John Siracusa and Merlin Mann try to figure out exactly how they got this way.



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#38: The Monkey God Situation

November 1st, 2016 · 108 minutes

The main topic this week has Merlin probing John’s thoughts on the idea of a thing being “wrong within normal parameters.” John calls someone a “super doof,” and both hosts share their strategy for not ending up on a desert island.

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Links and Show Notes

This week, John has been encouraged to pierce Merlin more, and Merlin still hasn’t watched Millennium Actress (although they offer a helpful listener suggestion on how you can).

Your hosts compare how they use Twitter these days and talk about the different ways they deploy the heart icon. They wonder aloud about who actually sees what on Twitter.

For the conclusion of the episode, (after about 1:14:19), the spoiler horn is fired off for a discussion of the controversial Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

(Recorded on Tuesday, October 25, 2016)

Do By Friday
Millennium actress = Sennen joyu (DVD video, 2001) []
Reconcilable Differences #24: I Will Outrun Death and Thermodynamics - Relay FM

Next, the dolorous spoiler horn fires off for a detailed examination of The Walking Dead (TV series). Lots of talk about how and when the series works in general, followed by passionate complaints on the controversial Season 6 finale. Are we finally too far gone?

An American Werewolf in London - Wikipedia
Makin' It (TV series) - Wikipedia

The show was set in Passaic, New Jersey, and was about the daily life of Billy Manucci, a young man who frequented the local disco club, Inferno, at night while working at an ice cream parlor called Tasty Treats during the day. Manucci was highly influenced by the disco craze and the movie Saturday Night Fever specifically.

Amy Jane Gruber on Twitter: "I think "Natural Born Killers" is a romantic comedy but even I'm out after this episode of The Walking Dead."
Block Together
SilencedBots/ at master · justin/SilencedBots · GitHub
Exit, Pursued by a Bear - TV Tropes
Nerdwriter1 - YouTube
Dead Set - Wikipedia
Gilligan's Island - Wikipedia

Naturally, despite their obvious skill and inventiveness, the castaways never quite manage to put together a functional raft out of bamboo (or repair the hole in their original ship as the ship itself fell to pieces when they tried that in one episode), although in the television movie Rescue from Gilligan's Island, they do end up tying their huts together and using that as a raft for escape.

The Gentleman Thief: Apollo Robbins with John Gabrieli, PhD - YouTube
Conservative Author P.J. O'Rourke Reluctantly Backs Clinton : NPR

"I am endorsing Hillary, and all her lies and all her empty promises," O'Rourke continued. "It's the second-worst thing that can happen to this country, but she's way behind in second place. She's wrong about absolutely everything, but she's wrong within normal parameters."

Backfire effect - RationalWiki

The backfire effect occurs when, in the face of contradictory evidence, established beliefs do not change but actually get stronger.

The Leftovers (TV series) - Wikipedia