What are the most important technology stories right now? From products and companies to services and trends, Download’s weekly panel of experts analyzes the biggest topics in tech … and a few you may have missed.



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#96: Hanging With My Amazon Prime Buddies

March 21st, 2019 · 60 minutes

Google unveils a cloud gaming strategy at GDC, Apple releases all the product updates, Instagram goes shopping, and MySpace deletes all your favorite music from 2009.

#95: "Game of Thrones" With Slide Rules

March 14th, 2019 · 57 minutes

The complicated reality of trying to break up the power of large tech companies, Spotify takes on Apple, Apple sets its sights on services, and takiing lessons from "Captain Marvel."

#94: From Switzerland to You

March 7th, 2019 · 61 minutes

Fitbit unveils new low-cost fitness trackers, Apple goes hiring in Qualcomm's backyard, Zuck has a vision for private conversations, and we bring in our Special Automotive Correspondent to discuss electric car announcements.

#93: Cab Drivers Were Asking About It

February 28th, 2019 · 70 minutes

Mobile World Congress brings folding phones, battery phones, camera phones, 5G machinations, and a new business-oriented HoloLens. Plus there's a robot on the streets of Memphis, and maybe Netflix is bringing the world closer together?

#92: Trapper Keepers

February 21st, 2019 · 57 minutes

We cover Samsung's big event, including new flagship phones, a low-cost model that should have a lot of crowd appeal, a perplexing 5G variant, and the device everyone's talking about, the unfoldable smartphone.

#91: N Isn't for Netscape

February 14th, 2019 · 61 minutes

What happens when a tech giant buys the company that makes a product you like? Also: Some ugly labor issues in the tech and journalism industries, Apple plans a services event, Samsung readies new phones including one that folds, and Amazon ditches NYC for HQ2.

#90: Spotify Buys Podcasting

February 7th, 2019 · 70 minutes

Jason and Stephen discuss Apple's retail changes and Facebook's 15th anniversary. Then Natalie Jarvey of The Hollywood Reporter visits to discuss Spotify spending a lot of money on podcasting companies, and Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia unveils the new emoji coming later in 2019.

#89: The Second-Best of Times

January 31st, 2019 · 39 minutes

Apple copes with declining iPhone sales and a bad FaceTime bug, then ends up coming down hard on Facebook for its misuse of a tool designed to read user data. Also, there's an imaginary bear in the woods... or is there?

#88: Creepy Robot Hotel

January 24th, 2019 · 63 minutes

Robots roll out, smartphones get weird, Apple Pay expands, Netflix gets Oscar nominations and joins the MPAA, NBC Universal gets into streaming, and Tesla puts the squeeze on its customers.

#87: A Game of Media Chicken

January 17th, 2019 · 62 minutes

Apple's battery replacement saga and the parable of the infinite home appliance; Facebook and WordPress try to help journalism; Netflix raises prices; and with Vegas in the rear-view mirror, we ponder the biggest trends of CES with two people who actually braved the industry's largest trade show.