The most common question creative people get asked is, "Where do you get your ideas?" That's what Originality is all about: exploring the wheres, hows, and whys of creative genius with K Tempest Bradford, Aleen Simms, and a diverse assortment of guests from a variety of fields.



Latest Episodes

#10: More Capable Spy Women

September 16th, 2017 · 74 minutes

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Women spies
Are coming for you

#9: Investing in Art

August 31st, 2017 · 86 minutes

Look in the mirror and say,
"I'm good enough
I'm smart enough
and doggone it,
people like me.
I deserve to make money!"

Okay, that was a good first shot.
Shoulders back, stand tall!
You may not feel confident
but it's okay to fake it.
Speak clearly.
Project your voice.

You're good enough
You're smart enough
and doggone it,

#8: A Song-Shaped Butterfly Net

August 17th, 2017 · 61 minutes

Collaboration: noun
working with someone to create
something amazing and
beautiful and

S. J. Tucker joins us again
to tell us about keeping
her garden of creativity
in riotous bloom
by working with others

#7: Will the Universe Take Care of Me

August 3rd, 2017 · 61 minutes

What’s it like to be a vagabond?
To move from place to place?
Does it have pros in addition to cons?
Does it give freedom to create?

S. J. Tucker leads a life free.
Traveling thither and yon,
Between land and sea
Making music for all to enjoy.

#6: Engage the Hashtagery

July 20th, 2017 · 68 minutes

In eight years, Dan Moren wrote and edited and published a novel.
When it was done he sat back and hoped that it wouldn’t be a debacle.
If he’d done his job, it would warm his readers’ hearts to their cockles.
Now it’s here! Dan has created a new world, its danger full-throttle.
What would he change, how does he feel? Did he write a book witho…

#5: 73 Million Blank Notebooks

July 6th, 2017 · 64 minutes

Aleen needs to be more productive
She heard that bullet journals are conductive
Not of electricity
But accountability
At least theoretically

Tempest and Jay Miller explain
How to get started without pain
Just grab blank paper
And a pen of some flavor
Just get started! Now’s better than later.

#4: One Million Words of S**t

June 22nd, 2017 · 51 minutes

There once was a person named Tempest
Whose advice was simply the wisest
“Practice your art!
That’s where it all starts!”
Even though sometimes it’s the toughest.

#3: Unicorn Sidekick

June 9th, 2017 · 64 minutes

Have you ever looked at your email with scorn
and thought, “I could really use a unicorn
to sort and tidy this digital thorn?”

Be of good cheer, don’t be forlorn!
There sidekicks who are foresworn
to help fight our battles before we’re careworn.

#2: A Couch Not Possessed by Cats or Satan

May 25th, 2017 · 62 minutes

Show up and create.
Mikah Sargent motivates.
Listen to this one.

#1: Steampunk Mermaids

May 15th, 2017 · 50 minutes

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever done on a dare? Nisi Shawl wrote Everfair, a Steampunk book about life during warfare.