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Latest Episodes

#730: “Treat it as an Intern,” with Jeff Richardson

February 4th, 2024 · 93 minutes

Jeff Richardson returns to the show to talk about how AI has changed how he works with documents and how technologies like spatial computing and Standby can impact day-to-day workflows.

#729: Don't Hear What We Aren't Saying

January 28th, 2024 · 103 minutes

On this feedback episode: more about AppleCare and the Vision Pro, then some listener feedback and more proof Stephen and David spend too much time together.

#728: All About AppleCare

January 21st, 2024 · 76 minutes

Apple has several variations of its warranty offerings. This week, Stephen and David detail the differences between various AppleCare products and discuss their value to customers.

#727: The Productivity Field Guide

January 14th, 2024 · 68 minutes

After years of thought and work, David has launched The Productivity Field Guide. In this episode, he speaks with Stephen about some of the elements of the guide, what went into it and what comes next.

#726: Journaling Update: Apple’s New App, Day One Updates & More

January 7th, 2024 · 76 minutes

Stephen and David explore Apple's new Journal app and discuss the technology that powers it, which is being leveraged by other journaling apps, including Day One. The guys also retell the history of Sherlocking.

#725: Tech that Worked in 2023

December 31st, 2023 · 56 minutes

To wind down 2023, David and Stephen reflect on the tech that has served them well over the last 12 months.

#724: Catching up with Mikah Sargent

December 24th, 2023 · 99 minutes

Mikah Sargent returns to the show to update the guys on his Apple hardware, talk about how he prepares for his various audio and video podcasts and help explain what's going on with the Matter smart home standard.

#723: State of the Platforms (December 2023)

December 17th, 2023 · 103 minutes

2023 proved to be very busy for Apple, with updated hardware and software shipping. This week, David and Stephen take a survey of the company's year.

#722: Bringing Devices Together

December 10th, 2023 · 106 minutes

On this feedback episode, the guys revisit Apple Notes, talk about Name Drop and David shares the good news about a new battery pack.

#721: “Technological Empathy,” with Kourosh Dini

December 3rd, 2023 · 88 minutes

Dr. Kourosh Dini is an author, musician and psychiatrist who uses Apple gear to improve the lives of those he works with. This week, David and Stephen speak with him about his tools, including DEVONthink, OmniFocus and more.