Liftoff is a fortnightly podcast about space, the universe, and everything. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the latest developments as explained by enthusiastic space fans Stephen Hackett and Jason Snell.



Latest Episodes

#97: The Titans Who Live There

April 23rd, 2019 · 50 minutes

Stephen and Jason talk the news, from blackholes to Beresheet, and spacesuits to backronyms. Then, a bit about the Crew Dragon anomaly.

#96: Probably Not Space Cows

April 9th, 2019 · 48 minutes

Rocket Lab has a new satellite platform, while methane cycles have been measured on Mars. Elsewhere, NASA continues to work through the details of its new 2024 lunar goal and 2007 OR10 needs a name.

#95: The Red Flag

March 26th, 2019 · 41 minutes

Vice President Mike Pence has challenged NASA to return to the moon within five years.

#94: A Planned Countdown Hold

March 26th, 2019 · 21 minutes

The guys talk through a few stories that didn't make Episode 95, including what's going on with Boeing's Starliner and Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser, as well as Bennu's habit of spewing material into space.

#93: Budget Season

March 12th, 2019 · 66 minutes

Stephen and Jason get into the details of the proposed 2020 NASA budget, the future of the SLS rocket, then review the film Apollo 11.

#92: Apollo 9

February 26th, 2019 · 42 minutes

In March 1969, Jim McDivitt, Dave Scott and Rusty Schweickart were the first astronauts to fly the Lunar Module, proving that this vital spacecraft was ready to take a crew to the moon — and help bring them home.

#91: Shoot and Hope

February 12th, 2019 · 42 minutes

Jason and Stephen catch up on the news, then talk about the Pioneer and Ranger programs.

#90: My Feet Belong on the Ground

January 29th, 2019 · 45 minutes

This fortnight, Jason and Stephen mark NASA's Day of Remembrance, discuss layoffs at two private space companies and wish for a mission to Uranus.

#89: Some Time at the Taco Bar

January 15th, 2019 · 43 minutes

China has big plans for the moon and SpaceX has a new test vehicle. Oh, and things got weird with Russia.

#88: Pixely Peanut

January 2nd, 2019 · 48 minutes

China's latest lunar mission is about to touchdown on the far side of the moon, and New Horizons has completed its flyby of Ultima Thule.