John Siracusa and Merlin Mann try to figure out exactly how they got this way.



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#77: Prodigal Bird

May 3rd, 2018 · 115 minutes

This week, John and Merlin come in hot with an accidental main topic: punctuality.

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Is punctuality important, and how much tardiness can we abide from our pals and business associates? Merlin wonders if expecting punctuality might be a form of privilege, and John has strong feelings about the police, just in general.

In follow-up, Merlin clarifies where you can listen to that Simpsons episode of The Incomparable, then applauds Jason Snell's editing skills and suggests ways to give other podcasts your money. John still can't get into the McElroys, and this continues to break Merlin's heart. John says Merlin continues to make fun of him wrong. John also has remarks and some follow-up on Merlin's co-host from another program.

Merlin takes his sleeping pill, then John has some important updates on the return of his chimney's avian peckerhead. John still lives in a drum, and Merlin thinks it's time to deploy a reconnaissance drone. John still really, really doesn't want to fall off his roof.

Voice-controlled devices are further discussed, but not in a way that will prevent John from saving his best stuff for his more popular program, which used to be about cars. Merlin takes off the gloves to talk turkey about the state of the Apple ecosystem, and John wonders if our nerd complaints are complaints you'd only ever hear from nerds.

John answers a portentous final question from Merlin.

(Recorded on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.)

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In this week’s accidental main topic, John addresses his new bird-enemy and the Wile E. Coyotean lengths to which his desperation with living in a drum may drive him.

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With that sage wisdom in mind, it's time for us — Griffin and Justin, who have, for the purposes of this introduction, fused into a singular, fraternal hivemind — to announce some big and bittersweet news: This Friday will be our last day as full-time employees at Polygon.

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Special Guest Merlin Mann joins Jason to discuss the weather, old speakers, Apple's latest TV acquisition, the long slow fade of 32-bit Mac apps, and the arrival of a new version of his favorite iOS writing app.

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