John Siracusa and Merlin Mann try to figure out exactly how they got this way.



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#64: All Fight

November 2nd, 2017 · 122 minutes

Many mini topics.

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Links and Show Notes

This week, John drives, and Merlin leads from behind.

Your hosts are pretty sure they remember talking about having trouble remembering whether they’ve talked about memory before, but no way does that stop them from taking their deepest dive yet into the many troubles with human memory. Or, at least it’s the deepest dive that they can remember taking. For now. Anyway.

This leads to an exploration of cognitive tricks and the potentially narrow line between science and balderdash. How even will we solve this rebus? Should it have been a nice top hat instead? And, how do we feel about medical(-ish) health panaceæ that may work but no one really knows why?

Merlin has a long history of cockamamie, and John fervently hopes that he only ever develops problems Real Science understands. The contemporary bugaboo of gluten and its ilk are discussed and argued by both anecdote and analogy. Elaine looks like she put on five, ten pounds.

Then arrive many mini-topics.

There’s some follow-up and further clarification on Merlin’s Fancy New TV which leads to some YouTube talk and consideration of how these youths today consume media.

Next up, the boys talk about misheard lyrics and score the results of a recent private argument about same. John really prefers the slam dunk when he can get it. Merlin can't even remember which songs he couldn't remember the lyrics to. (Again with the memory.) Confessions about other embarrasing things they never knew are revealed. Merlin thinks he's a little too left-brained, and John's not having this terrible mnemonic.

Beloved nineties comedy programs are recalled with fondness.

This pivots to some talk about, of all things, podcasts, and Merlin gets a little wispy talking about a program he really misses doing. John reveals that he has finally capitulated and listened to Merlin's actual favorite podcast. No spoilers, but you will learn what happened when John got up on this sauce doctor's blessing with his dog tongue.

John dissects The Original Peaches' recent guest appearance by Mr. Jordan. Merlin reiterates how much he hates comedy podcasts.

Things wrap with John's concerns about Roderick's tech world. Merlin tries to defend himself, but John's concerns about Roderick seem to just expand.

Fight fight fight. Bite bite bite. It's The Reconcilable Differences Show.

(Recorded on Tuesday, October 24, 2017.)

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In a word: design.

The E7 has glass around the edges and a speaker bar along the bottom, while the C7 is a study in minimalism, with a vanishingly small frame. Personally I actually like the C7's design better, although both are beautiful enough to earn my top mark of "10" in the design category.

Just like last year's E6, the E7 receives LG's "picture-on-glass" treatment. The OLED module -- the thing that creates the picture -- is applied to a glass back panel, leaving the edge of the TV made of a quarter-inch of glass bordering the black around the image. It's a striking effect.

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