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#59: Herbal Bourbons

August 24th, 2017 · 140 minutes

This week kicks off with some travel woes, news stress, and how Merlin is laboring to save “Planty.” John learns his concerns about Merlin’s multitasking afternoon bath habits were well-founded. The beauty of non-obvious movie effects and CGI are lauded.

This week’s main topic is Mid-Life Crisis. What even is it? How do you know if you’re having one, and how many will there be? How come there’s so few movies about women going through this? John dings Merlin for yucking on Red Corvette Guy’s yum.

There’s some spirited discussion of power ballads and soaring hard rock opera. 'Cause nothin' lasts forever—even cold November rain.

At about 1:44:49, your hosts retire to the Spoiler Slot for (yes, finally) a look back at The Leftovers Season 3. They remember some of what happened and even some of the order in which it happened. What was so exhilarating and so frustrating and so ultimately satisfying about this very weird show?

Stick around after the end for some insight into how even John’s estimable Terminal skills couldn’t save the first hour of Merlin’s audio. So it goes.

(Recorded on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.)

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