John Siracusa and Merlin Mann try to figure out exactly how they got this way.



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#25: Zarro Droogs

May 5th, 2016 · 201 minutes

The main topic this week is—wait for it— drugs. In particular, the listener is treated to an epic tour of the "four toadstools" that mark Merlin's journey with the forbidden pharmaceutical wild side.

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Links and Show Notes

This week opens with some followup on the ownership of Star Wars and the zero-sum game of ugly corporate distribution battles. John visits San Francisco, sees Todd and Merlin, and there is talk about the modern history of film VFX.

Merlin catches John up on the extraordinary amount of The Walking Dead episodes he's been watching (out of order), and John doubles down on his shocked perplexity regarding how Merlin does almost everything.

Winded and worn, Merlin begins provoking John for answers and anecdotes on the times he's taken crazy risks. Mildly harrowing stories ensue. John tortures himself with thought experiments.

Also, John hates smoking.

(Episode recorded April 26, 2016)

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