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#189: The Cutting Edge of Technological Grievance

August 19th, 2022 · 100 minutes

Your hosts dig in to the continuing saga of John’s TV.

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Links and Show Notes

In Follow-Up, John reminds everyone that RecDiffs listeners knew what’s bad about TV stands before any of the normals.

John also shares his Vacation Results—alongside some anthropological observations on the state of air travel in 2022.

(Recorded August 9, 2022)


I Just Want My TV Legs to Actually Work - WIRED

As TVs get bigger, it’s gotten more complicated to set them up. One simple fix could have you streaming Netflix in no time.

Dirac Live
OLED TV demo footage of honey, etc.
ATP 494: Ultra-Wideband Park Bench
Cable Matters Plug USB to Ethernet Adapter
Person on an airplane using an iMac. (Also, look at the Dock in the first photo.)
Larger overhead bins in airplanes (top photo)
John's thermostat graph