John Siracusa and Merlin Mann try to figure out exactly how they got this way.



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#134: Romeo Delta

July 8th, 2020 · 82 minutes

Things kick off with an announcement on a new way you can help support the program. Also: can you choose to be tricked by your own clocks? What if every clock is different? What even is time?

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In follow-up, John has a very important haircut update. His barber was reluctant, and the experience was a little fraught. Do our ears and head really keep growing, or is that just a myth?

Merlin puts a hat on a hat on a hat, and John badly confuses his Mels.

Then, things move on to time. John has a history with clock manipulation and sometimes invites too many snoozes.

This turns into a broader meditation on punctuality and character. Are late people late for one reason or is it a whole situation? Can you know how long something takes until you really know how long it takes? Can you? (Spoiler: you cannot.)

John gets to the party early, and Merlin super hopes he actively offers to help with the crudités. Merlin used to be late for everything, and John interrogates how exactly that so drastically changed.

Also, why did we arrive at the airport six hours early, daddy? Breakfast muffin, honey. Please, just eat your breakfast muffin.

Merlin is grateful for people educating him (even when that's not their job). Unconscious bias is unconscious.

And, finally, Merlin had a pretty wild bug with the iOS beta, and you won't believe what happened next.

(Recorded on Tuesday, June 30, 2020)


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