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#107: Aren't We a Pair?

June 27th, 2019 · 112 minutes

This week kicks off with John iteerogating Merlin's authentic Italiano recipe for baked ziti. Merlin says it's a hit with his family, but John has a lot of problems with the ingredients. Not least the yogurt. John has a much simpler approach, but Merlin is anxious about stirring the sauce.

Sometimes, recipes come with very long anecdotes, and we should be woke about that. Tall poppies think they're better than you, and sometimes, it can be hard to frame the things you choose to make with the world. Merlin's ideas for podcasts are considered and rejected for practical reasons.

Next up, John wants to hear about Merlin and his family finally getting to see Hamilton. You really get an idea in your head about how something should sound, and then you get all mad when somebody doesn't do the thing. Alex did get better, but his Mother definitely went quick. Also, Éponine loves him—but only on her own.

Finally, the boys settle in for a Spoiler Slot on the HBO miniseries, Chernobyl. Spoiler horn fires off at 1:02:14.

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