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#743: The Current AI Moment

May 5th, 2024 · 88 minutes

AI is suddenly everywhere, from online services and software to bespoke hardware products. This week, David takes Stephen on a journey to talk about the tools he has found useful, as well as what's not ready for prime time yet.

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Hallucination (artificial intelligence) - Wikipedia
Large language model - Wikipedia
Google cut a deal with Reddit for AI training data - The Verge
Google Gemini
Microsoft Copilot
Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI to pursue holy grail of artificial intelligence - The Verge
Meta AI
Adobe Firefly
Generative AI Fill in Photoshop Feels Like Magic – 512 Pixels
ChatGPT - Universal Primer
ChatGPT - Diagrams
ChatGPT - Planty
Building Virtual Seneca (using ChatGPT) - MacSparky on YouTube
Spark +AI: your personal email assistant
Bringing AI to Alfred with Chatfred - Alfred Blog
AI - Raycast
Logitech’s Mouse Software Now Includes ChatGPT Support, Adds Janky ‘ai_overlay_tmp’ Directory to Users’ Home Folders – 512 Pixels
Apple unveils the new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air with the powerful M3 chip - Apple

"With the transition to Apple silicon, every Mac is a great platform for AI. M3 includes a faster and more efficient 16-core Neural Engine, along with accelerators in the CPU and GPU to boost on-device machine learning, making MacBook Air the world’s best consumer laptop for AI. Leveraging this incredible AI performance, macOS delivers intelligent features that enhance productivity and creativity, so users can enable powerful camera features, real-time speech-to-text, translation, text predictions, visual understanding, accessibility features, and much more."

Apple Releases Open Source AI Models That Run On-Device - MacRumors
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