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#674: Workflows with Shawn Blanc

January 8th, 2023 · 96 minutes

Shawn Blanc left his job back in 2011 to become a full-time writer. Twelve years later, he's the mastermind behind sites like The Focus Course and The Sweet Setup and more. Stephen and David ask him about that journey.

Guest Starring: Shawn Blanc

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Mac Power Users Feedback - Relay FM
Shawn Blanc
Colophon – Shawn Blanc
Shawn Blanc (@shawnblanc) / Twitter
Tools and Toys
The Focus Course
Focus Like a Boss — The Focus Course
The Sweet Setup
MacBook Air with M1 chip - Apple
Studio Display - Apple
Keychron Q2 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard
Clicky Keyboards – Shawn Blanc
Apple Extended Keyboard II | John Gruber on Flickr
Thirty Months with a 12-inch PowerBook G4 – Shawn Blanc
The 12-inch PowerBook G4 - 512 Pixels on YouTube
Otter - Voice Meeting Notes & Real-time Transcription
Marco Polo
Great Expectations – Shawn Blanc

"What do you write as the very first post on the first day of your new job as a full-time writer? I have no idea."

Writers I Read: Shawn Blanc – 512 Pixels

Stephen's interview of Shawn from January 2012.

The Matrix (1999) - Bullet Time Scene - YouTube
Apple’s plans to cut apps out of its affiliate program may shut down independent iOS news sites - The Verge
Reader’s Setup: Stephen Hackett – Shawn Blanc

Stephen's setup from October 2009. Those SoundSticks were retired just a few weeks ago!

World-Class, On-Demand Courses for Apple Users – The Sweet Setup
Find focus. Own your time. Gain traction with your goals. — Focus Accelerator
My Books - Chris Bailey
Notion Mastery
Loom: Async Video Messaging for Work
Things 3
My One Problem with Things 3 – 512 Pixels
The 2×2 Newsletter – Shawn Blanc
iA Writer