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#8: Squidges

October 8th, 2014 · 77 minutes

Stephen and Myke revisit the Twitter and Health apps, then discuss the current state of iOS 8, the Pebble’s future and Apple’s upcoming press event.

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Duncan K. Bohannon on Twitter: "@_connectedfm @viticci Still trying official app despite Nick Jonas’s crotch. Think I could do it, but lack of timeline sync is frustrating."
Duncan K. Bohannon on Twitter: "@_connectedfm @viticci Trying the Twitter app again, and literally the first suggested tweet I see: God help me."
Matthew Cassinelli on Twitter: "@_connectedfm Do any of you think that Twitter contacted Tweetbot and told them to hold off for Fabric? Just a thought"
Brendan Hutchins on Twitter: "@imyke if you took 10 balloons, copied and pasted 10 times, the C & P 10x, then C & P 10x again, you’d have 13,310. Math. Cc @caseyliss"
Simon SC on Twitter: "Hey @_connectedfm and @imyke you should try Blink keyboard — has a split mode (same as iPad) and a one-handed mode"
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