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#7: A Briefcase Full of Kbase

October 1st, 2014 · 92 minutes

This week, Stephen, Myke and Federico talk about Paris, Apple’s busted Health App, the death (and rebirth) of the Camera Roll and Twitter apps.

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Links and Show Notes

Stephen's Time Lapse of Connected Ep. 7
Connected on Twitter: "Pretty normal show."
Kyle Seth Gray on Twitter: "@imyke even though the status bar doesn't move, when you enable reachability on the home screen, you can swipe from halfway down the screen"
Kyle Seth Gray on Twitter: "@imyke to enable Notification Center."
Justin on Twitter: "@imyke you can select with caps lock then arrows."
Andrew Freels on Twitter: "@iMyke After a week working from a restore on my iPhone 6 I decided to try setting it up as new and I’m getting about an extra half a day."
Andrew Freels on Twitter: "@imyke I was quite surprised! I don’t have many apps and keep a good eye on background usage etc. It worked though and I’ve no idea why."
Andrew Freels on Twitter: "@imyke The only three things I really changed were turning off background updating/sync on the Facebook, Path and Podcasts app."
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Federico Viticci on Twitter: "So yeah, Health app is a mess for me on 8.0.2. @MyFitnessPal losing data and @Jawbone not saving sleep. Amateur hour."
Federico Viticci on Twitter: "Since I started getting back in shape after chemo, my lifestyle has improved and depends on iOS apps. But I can’t trust Health now."
Federico Viticci on Twitter: "Happy to be proven wrong any time though. I love the idea of But I can’t afford to lose personal data there."
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Federico Viticci on Twitter: "Pro tip: open the @_connectedfm profile in Twitter for iPhone and start swiping up and down."
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