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#444: Go Ahead, Make Me a Cyborg

March 30th, 2022 · 29 minutes

Our thoughts on the EU's plans for messaging interoperability, how we feel about smart implants and body modifications, when and why we choose websites over apps for certain services, and long overdue feature requests for products we use each day.

Guest Starring: Rosemary Orchard and mb bischoff

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Links and Show Notes

EU negotiators agree new rules to rein in tech giants | Politico

EU officials have agreed on landmark rules clamping down on anti-competitive abuses by the world’s largest technology platforms, in a move that will set the standard for leveling the playing field across global digital markets.

The ultimate messaging app.

Beeper - All Your Chats In One App

A single app to chat on iMessage, WhatsApp, and 13 other networks. You can search, prioritize, and mute messages. And with a unified inbox, you’ll never miss a message again.

Mojo Vision Brings Its Eye-Tracking, Display-Enabled Contact Lenses One Step Closer to Reality | CNET

A lens-on-a-stick demo showed me how smart contacts from Mojo Vision could work. The next step is in-eye testing.

Twitter’s DM search will finally actually help you find conversations | The Verge

Twitter announced on Wednesday that its DM search feature has gotten a big upgrade — it can now search through the content of your conversations and return specific messages that contain whatever keyword you type in.