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#6: Automating iOS with Matthew Cassinelli

September 15th, 2018 · 88 minutes

iOS power user Matthew Cassinelli joins us to share some great iOS automation workflows.

Guest Starring: Matthew Cassinelli

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Links and Show Notes

In this episode, we are joined by former Workflow team member Matthew Cassinelli. Matthew is an iOS power user with a ton of knowledge about Workflow and Siri Shortcuts. In this episode, Matthew shares a few workflows.

Twitter List

The first workflow lets you sort through your Twitter lists and display them. This intermediate workflow uses variables and selections. On the episode, we walk through every step and why Matthew used it.

The Golden Hour

If you shoot pictures or video, you may know you get some of your best photos an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. The trouble is accessing sunrise/sunset time in Workflow was traditionally tricky. Matthew put together a Workflow that hooks into the API to pull the data from the Internet. This is an advanced workflow, but again, we walk it through one step at a time. Download the workflow, listen to the episode, and you’re good.

This is a great episode that runs deep on Workflow/Siri Shortcuts.

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