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#33: Packing List Extravaganza

September 27th, 2019 · 53 minutes

In this episode, Rosemary and David climb out of their suitcases armed with a variety of Shortcuts, Scriptable Scripts, Trello Boards, Reminders, TextExpander Snippets, Keyboard Maestro Macros and even a Drafts action group.

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Links and Show Notes

Automators #17: Live at PodCon - Relay FM
Packing List Trello

You can share text to this Shortcut or if no input is provided you will be prompted for input. This searches your calendar for all-day events followed by a prompt to use one of those as the name of your list. If the list doesn't exist yet in the Trello board then it is created.

Packing Lists

David's advanced reminders setup Shortcut

Building a Packing List App with Shortcuts and iOS 13 - YouTube

The video to match the above Shortcut

Packing List Extravaganza

Rosemary's Shortcut similar to the above, but it calls Scriptable to create the script.

Scriptable Script to Find or Create Reminders List

Called by the Scriptable Script above

Packing List Extravaganza Extras

Rosemary's Shortcut for extra items to be added to any packing list - pairs with the previous Shortcut.

TextExpander Snippet for Packing Lists
Keyboard Maestro Packing List
Create Packing List (Drafts & OF)

Rosemary uses this to kick off her Drafts list - it creates the Draft and adds a single task to OmniFocus called "Pack", due the date the trip starts, and with a link to the Draft in the notes field.

Automators #23: Diving into Drafts Automation with Tim "The Drafts Man" Nahumck - Relay FM
Packing | Drafts Action Directory

Rosemary's Packing Action Group for Drafts

Documentation on the Drafts Action Group