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#27: Shortcuts in iOS 13 - Diving into the Deep End!

July 5th, 2019 · 61 minutes

In this episode, Rose and David throw caution to the wind and install iOS & iPadOS betas on everything. There are crashes and updates, all in the name of finding out just how impressive the new Shortcuts really is.

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Links and Show Notes

Our first look at Shortcuts on iOS – The Sweet Setup
Shortcut: Random Line Of Text

This is an iOS 12 shortcut, it should migrate automatically for iOS 13 devices.

‎Drafts on the App Store
Jayson: JSON app for iOS & iPadOS
Agenda - Date-focused Note Taking.

Please note, the Shortcuts talked about on the show are examples of what the developers can do - not something created or implemented.

Agile Tortoise experimenting with parameters for Drafts
Simon B. Støvring experimenting with Parameters for Jayson