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#19: Shortcuts Updates

March 15th, 2019 · 65 minutes

In this episode of Automators Rose and David dive into the recent and upcoming updates to Shortcuts. They nerd out on weather and notes, as well as their love for the dictionary updates!

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Links and Show Notes

Siri Shortcuts Field Guide | MacSparky Field Guides

David's video field guide to Siri Shortcuts - a special discount code is included in the show!

Screencast: Shortcuts 2.1 Weather
Automators #11: Shortcuts Homescreens! - Relay FM
My Wishes for iOS 13 | Rosemary Orchard
Screencast: Shortcuts 2.1 Clock and Timers
Episode Blog Post

If you want to find out about Rose's backup system for her Shortcuts or the function shortcut to handle possible multiple notes (and other items) this is the place to look!