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#132: Automating and Time Tracking with Joe Hribar

July 14th, 2023 · 72 minutes

Timery developer Joe Hribar joins the Automators to talk about what's involved with adding automation tools to your App and some of Joe's favorite Automations.

Guest Starring: Joe Hribar

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The Automators
Rosemary Orchard
David Sparks

The Editor
Jim Metzendorf

The Fixer
Kerry Provanzano

Timery for Toggl
Screenshot Background Shortcut

Adds a light-color background behind an image like a framed device screenshot. Choose from preset colors, specify custom colors, and on iPhone & iPad, use Toolbox Pro to get colors from the image or pick a specific color from it.

HomeKit Lights to Time Entry Shortcut

Checks your current time entry in Timery and sets HomeKit lights to match with HomeBot. When a current time entry is running, the shortcut will set the lights to the current project’s color. And when a current time entry isn’t running, it will turn off the lights.

Offline Tracking with Timery and Data Jar Shortcut

Enables offline time tracking with Timery and Data Jar to start & stop saved timers and check the current running time entry while offline. When back online, the shortcut can add the offline time entries to Timery.