So many podcasts are about our digital devices. Analog(ue) is a show about how these devices make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse.



#104: Just Make Something

April 16th, 2017 · 75 minutes

Myke loses something, Casey gains news skills, and they pay tribute to a friend.

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Links and Show Notes

My Favorite Prankster

Casey's remembrance of Jason Seifer. 😢

Analog(ue) #28: So Darn Good

The Analog(ue) part of the accidental crossover between IRLTalk and Analog(ue).

IRLTalk Episode 59: I Don’t Have Delorean Sized Pockets

The IRLTalk part of the accidental crossover between IRLTalk and Analog(ue).

Faith's Tweet
Relay FM's April Fools
Relay FM's Mac Pro FU Image
RxSwift Primer: Part 1

The first of Casey's five-part series on functional reactive programming.

The Magic of Sourcery

Casey's blog post that was later made into a video.

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone
Claquette - Animated Screenshots
London Bridge is down

The secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death