The Prompt was a weekly panel discussion on technology, and the culture surrounding Apple and related companies. It evolved into Connected in 2014.



Latest Episodes

#27: Cinderella And The 9 Dwarfs

December 19th, 2013 · 59 minutes

This week – without their Southern Belle – Federico and Myke discuss iOS7 design and accessibility options, the new Mac Pro and Federico’s new iPhone.

#26: What the Bleep is a Pepper Jack?

December 12th, 2013 · 73 minutes

This week, free of British tyranny, Federico and Stephen discuss iBeacons, Feedly, Federico’s friends and Stephen’s new business idea.

#25: A Skilled Keypunch Operator

December 5th, 2013 · 70 minutes

This week, the young men of The Prompt are taught many things by the good Dr. Drang.

#24: Two Weeks of Repressed Emotions

November 28th, 2013 · 89 minutes

This week, Federico returns with lots to say to Stephen and Myke about working on the iPad.

#23: Radioactive Chocolate Cake

November 20th, 2013 · 62 minutes

This week, Jason Snell puts on his best Italian accent and joins Stephen and Myke to talk about online collaboration, keyboards and the third rail of 5by5 podcasting — comic books.

#22: The Barter System

November 14th, 2013 · 71 minutes

Joined by Matthew Alexander, Stephen and Myke wade through a mountain of follow-up, discuss the iPad mini with Retina display, Netflix, fitness trackers and the means of payment used in Tennessee, Hawaii and parts of Europe.

#21: Screenshot Patrol

November 7th, 2013 · 63 minutes

This week, Myke, Federico and Stephen re-visit iWork and product screenshots, then discuss the iPad Air and Everpix.


October 31st, 2013 · 80 minutes

This week on The Prompt, Federico, Myke and Stephen talk about new apps, complain about the miserable service that is iWork for iCloud and think aloud about FaceTime Audio.

#19: OS X Viterbos

October 24th, 2013 · 87 minutes

This week, Stephen, Myke and Federico talk about OS X Mavericks, break down the news from Apple’s fall event and complain about GarageBand.

#18: The Federico Special

October 16th, 2013 · 69 minutes

With Stephen away this week, Federico and Myke spend some time discussing the magic behind iOS automation and URL schemes. They finish the show with a short discussion about Nintendo (of course).