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#13: S for Sfingerprint

September 12th, 2013 · 76 minutes

The day after Apple’s 2013 iPhone event, The Prompt co-hosts discuss the keynote, iPhone 5c, the 5s and more.

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The day after Apple’s 2013 iPhone event, The Prompt co-hosts discuss the keynote, iPhone 5c, the 5s and more.

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Introducing “Writing On The iPad: Text Automation with Editorial”

“Writing On The iPad: Text Automation with Editorial” contains my review of Editorial with an in-depth explanation and critique of the app’s numerous features and workflow tools. My goal with this book is to provide a convenient, portable resource to learn more about Editorial, how the app changed the way I work on iOS, and how, through Editorial’s automation, scripts, and workflows, it’s possible to turn an iPad into a powerful tool for writers.

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Businessweek profiles Scott Forstall, here are the 10 most interesting bits | 9to5Mac

The C Stands for Siiiiiiiigh — 512 Pixels

While in the past, Apple’s just bumped down the current-gen phone, this time, the old phone got a facelift on its way to mid-range land. With the exception of the case and the FaceTime camera, the iPhone 5c is the exact same phone that occupied the top-tier slot until 24 hours ago.

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Some Thoughts on an Entry Level iPhone

This could have been a footnote in my comments on OS X adoption, but I wanted to return to iOS adoption and elaborate on one comment I made about being able to upgrade easily since people likely have a recent iPhone. Apple is seeing some interesting things happening with their most affordable iPhone.

Apple - iPhone 5c - See iPhone 5c in a variety of colorful cases.

About that little Apple event… « Observatory

Now that the iPhone 5s/5c event is behind us, we can get down to what’s really important — the whining and complaining about what Apple did wrong.

Okay, I’ll try to keep that to a minimum. I actually think the new iPhones are impressive. But every Apple event provides lots of new conversation fodder, and this one is no exception. So here are my thoughts on yesterday’s festivities. I’ll look forward to hearing yours.

Hands-on with the iPhone 5c | Macworld

At first blush, the iPhone 5c looks a bit like the iPhone 5 had a baby with the plastic-backed iPhone 3GS. It’s the size and shape of the iPhone 5—long and thin—just a hair bigger in every direction, and about 20 grams heavier. And it marks the first time that the iPhone comes in anything beyond black and white: You can pick up an iPhone 5c in pink, yellow, blue, green, or white—if you’re a fan of black, you’ll probably want to look to the iPhone 5s.

Hands-on with the iPhone 5s | Macworld

Though the iPhone 5s won’t be available in stores until September 20, we were able to use some demo models for a little while on Tuesday after Apple’s media event announcing them. We scanned our thumbs, took pictures, and tried to imagine what part of space is gray. Here’s our hands-on first look.

iPhone 4s - Buy iPhone 4s with Free Shipping - Apple Store (U.S.)

The Invisible Interplay

Traditionally, Apple likes to pride itself upon the tight integration of hardware and software they achieve in their products. As a company that builds devices and creates the software that runs on them, Apple can control fundamental aspects of the user experience such as Siri being based on a dedicated noise-reduction technology and iOS not recognizing accidental touches on the iPad mini’s smaller bezels, as well as subtle details such as OS X stopping a Mac’s fans when Dictation is active or quickly muting an iPad’s volume if you hold the volume button down for a few seconds.

The “interplay” of Apple’s hardware and software is nothing new, but I believe it was more apparent than ever today with the iPhone 5s, iOS 7, the A7 and M7 chips, and Touch ID.

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