Guest Appearances

Automators #116: Brett Terpstra's Automation Tricks December 2nd, 2022

Parallel #76: Some of My Automations are Fragile October 26th, 2022

Automators #79: Brett Terpstra July 2nd, 2021

Mac Power Users #549: Brett Terpstra's New Robe August 16th, 2020

Mac Power Users #496: Keyboard Hacking with Brett Terpstra August 18th, 2019

Automators #20: Mad Science Automation with Brett Terpstra March 29th, 2019

Mac Power Users #398: Creating 60 More Mac Tips October 2nd, 2017

Mac Power Users #390: Tagging with Terpstra August 7th, 2017

Mac Power Users #366: Catching up with Brett Terpstra February 27th, 2017

Mac Power Users #287: Automation and More with Brett Terpstra November 9th, 2015

Mac Power Users #206: Brett Terpstra *drink* August 4th, 2014

CMD Space #84: Doing What You Want To Do, with Brett Terpstra February 17th, 2014

Mac Power Users #167: Workflows with Brett Terpstra December 9th, 2013

Mac Power Users #108: Mac Tips and Tricks October 22nd, 2012

CMD Space #13: Mad Science and Bizarre Coding, with Brett Terpstra October 17th, 2012

Mac Power Users #81: Workflows with Brett Terpstra April 16th, 2012

Mac Power Users #57: Power Text Editing September 12th, 2011

Mac Power Users #45: Finding Files and Tagging March 13th, 2011

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