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#455: I’ve Been Banned from Aroma360

Welcome to the Six Colors Podcast

June 21st, 2023 · 99 minutes

After some Smell Talk and celebrating the return of the Genius Bar, Myke, Federico and Stephen celebrate ten years of podcasting together by revisiting some of their favorite Apple stories from the last decade.

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Links and Show Notes

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Carl Pei teases a see-through USB-C cable for the Nothing Phone 2. - The Verge
ScentAir Business Solutions
EcoScent Ceres
Aroma Designers
The Magic Scent
Apple Unveils new Tysons Corner Store – 512 Pixels
The details of Apple Tysons Corner - by Michael Steeber
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Clamshell mode for iPad Pro is here, Sort of - 9to5Mac
Introducing Evernote Peek: An App that Helps you Study with Apple's Smart Cover - MacStories
Evernote Peek: The First Smart Cover App That Could Make You Smarter | TechCrunch
Stephen on 10 years
Federico on 10 years
Myke on 10 years
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Spotify’s long-anticipated HiFi tier might require a more expensive subscription - The Verge
Apple Unveils iOS 7 - Apple
WWDC 2013 Intro Video - YouTube
Apple Acquires Workflow - MacStories
Apple's next major Mac revealed: the radically new 12-inch MacBook Air - 9to5Mac
Tim Cook Gets Connected
James Thomson: "Oh no, I left the Settings app in the Kitchen" - Mastodon