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#11: Ruining Lives With Perspective

October 29th, 2014 · 89 minutes

This week, after saving Greenland, Federico, Stephen and Myke compare and contrast what’s on their iPhone home screens.

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Third-party apps in common (3 out of 3)

Third-party apps (2 out of 3)

Third-party apps unique to Federico:

Third-party apps unique to Myke:

Third-party apps unique to Stephen:

Apps that were mentioned in detail are linked to the App Store.

Brian Redman corrects Myke
Six Colors: Apple Q4 2014: $42.1B revenue, $8.5B profit, record Mac sales
Myke's first sticker-covered MacBook Pro
Greenland is repaired!
Tim Cook says Apple killed the iPod classic because it couldn't get the parts | The Verge
Apple Watch to iPhone home screen prototype - YouTube
The best cloud backup service - The Sweet Setup
Our iPhone Homescreens
Dust Wallpaper
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