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#78: Big Bundles of Identical Tasks

June 28th, 2024 · 55 minutes

The HOA is useful in this case! Jay let the pressure of fines to force them to prioritize specific yard projects.  

This episode is all about how our hosts best bundle and handle daunting tasks.

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Links and Show Notes

Checked Connections

- Kathy ✅🟨❌ - Install AC
- Jay ❌ - Write a blog post. NOPE

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New Connections

- Kathy - Take care of the recycling in my office
- Jay - Send conference in a bag bag and buy banner

For Our Super Conductors:

Pre-Show: Update on the past two weeks - conferences and documentaries, including the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: America's Sweethearts on Netflix
Post-Show: Kathy and Jay (mostly Kathy) rank Sims 4 emotion sounds.