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#74: Knucklebones: Big Risk, Big Rewards

May 2nd, 2024 · 57 minutes

Jay and Kathy are back from traveling and they took some risks that seem to have paid off.

Jay found a new game and talks about how they like to handle big risks.

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Links and Show Notes

Kathy and Jay and My Britnie

Checked Connections

- Kathy ❌ - Stretching 4 times a week
- Jay ✅ - Call the insurance company twice daily until they respond

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New Connections

- Kathy - Risky Naps
- Jay - Use the new model to finish the workshop and start the next one

For Our Super Conductors:

Pre Show: Jay and Kathy got to meetup and they both talked about their time traveling

Post Show: Jay share how they snuck out of a corporate retreat and Kathy shares the experience of the St Jude influencer event.

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